Our Values

Our plan is to build a community of wellness professionals . And our goal is really clear , we want to help you in your journey towards feeling better in body and mind .


Let’s be honest ,  we all want to become the best possible version of ourselves . But it’s not always easy to stay on track with so many demands on your time .


We at Active Wellness are no different . That’s why we have our values . They remind us why we do this work , and they remind us to always put you first .




Integrity , keeping our word and doing the right thing

  We understand that all relationships are built on trust of one kind or another.   With one unified voice ,our message to you is that we will always act in an honest way.   It is our desire to help you  that gives us the confidence to always do the right thing.

Energy and Purpose

We want to better serve you in your journey to wellness.   And we love the idea of helping you to put a zing in your step. All this so that you can live with more vitality, stamina and strength . Who doesn’t want more of those!   You can count on us to put your wellbeing as our number one priority. We are all in this together .

Exceeding your expectations

Doing a good job for you today only means we want to do even better tomorrow .   Our intention is always to find new ways to serve your needs .

Building long term relationships

Our business is all about the people with whom we connect.  It’s you our client , our team of  therapists  and our business partners who make us who we are .   Together we are stronger and better able to last into the future . We want to make a real positive contribution to our local communities .