Deep Tissue Massage

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We all have trigger points in our muscles which are very sore when pressed .

They contribute to headaches, lower back pain and many other kinds of joint pain.

We use deep stroking slow massage techniques and pressure movements to reach these trigger points. It is ideal in targeting the major muscle groups around the neck and lower back.

The aim is to create conditions which help the body to heal itself.

Whilst there may be a certain amount of discomfort in releasing these small areas of tight muscle, your therapist will always work within your range of comfort.


Some of the benefits include:

  • The release of chronic muscle tension and reduction in discomfort.
  • An improvement in the range of motion around joints. The joints will begin to align properly  as the muscles learn to relax .
  • Targeted recovery just where it is needed inside the trigger point .
  • Reduction in high blood pressure.
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety and promotes the release of a ‘social bonding’ hormone.

Duration 1 hour


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