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Our guided stretch and mobility routines are designed to help you to ease muscle tension and discomfort .

It’s a bit like ongoing maintenance for your body and is a great way of enhancing the benefits of your massage treatment.


We place extra stress  on our muscles and joints by sitting for long periods of time . Even working at a desk or computer for more than 4 hours per day or looking down at electronic devices every day causes undue strain on our bodies .


Many of these routines can be done in the office or at home so it’s at a time that is convenient for you . Where equipment /props are needed we tell you how to use ordinary household items.


We include a few progressions if you want to go further into the stretch. As always , seek the guidance of a medical professional before starting any exercise programme.


Remember to check  our Self Care Zone where you will find a series of rehab videos .




Duration 15 minutes

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