Stretch & Mobility Routines

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We have put together a series of videos to improve your flexibility and range of motion.

Here’s our catalogue so far:

Stretches for upper and middle back video.

Stretches for your lower back video

Stretch & mobilise your neck video

One thing that human beings all have in common is the structure and make up of our bodies.

We all have one ideal anatomical posture, all pretty clever stuff. Depending on our different lifestyles, we can move away from this position. Check this NHS article on common postural problems, including ‘Text Neck’.

For most of us this works just fine but it can lead to other muscles and, maybe even joints, having to work in a different way. This can change the range of motion we have in our joints and lead to pain and discomfort.

Has the treatment helped you ?

As soft tissue therapists our goal is to treat the muscles and soft tissues that are not working properly.We can use the measurement of pain before and after your treatment to see how effective the treatment has been.In many cases the pain and stiffness is the result of poor posture.

The other part of our job is to notice your posture and to make you more aware of possible issues. The massaging of muscles and other soft tissues promotes better circulation to the area and helps to improves flexibility and range of motion in your joints.

What you can do

Aim to make very small changes to your day and use our self help videos and wellbeing reads to help you. Feel inspired and motivated to begin your journey to wellness.

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