At Active Wellness we offer you a range of on site therapeutic massage therapies, stretch and mobility routines and yoga classes delivered in your place of work or in our treatment rooms. Check Wellness Works and Wellness Day to Day for more information.We are passionate about health in body and mind . Our goal is to deliver an holistic approach to your physical and mental wellbeing.

The Power of Touch

We all have a good idea of the  benefits of massage. New research suggests further health benefits including the  positive impact on our immune systems. When you add in the power of touch  it’s easy to see how massage therapies help our physical and mental wellbeing.

Help at your fingertips

As an additional resource you will find short videos on common ailments and how to manage them in our Self Care Zone. They are designed and produced by our therapists , based on their experiences of treating clients over the years. You will also find other articles which may be of interest to you .

Our treatment rooms are conveniently located in the Greater Belfast area. In addition we offer a unique tailored service to employers seeking to  promote wellness in the workplace.

Our team of qualified sports therapists are on hand to help you. We can assist  with the prevention of injury, your rehabilitation back to optimum levels of sports specific fitness and to prepare you for training and  competition.

Meet our team

We select our therapists from different walks of life.They have many years of experience in this profession.Read their stories in Meet the Team. Our goal is to improve the physical and mental well-being of people in our community.

We will always strive to live by our values which have become our daily habits. We never want to move away from our values because they represent everything for which Active Wellness stands.

Our promise to you

We wrote down  a list of our daily habits here at Active Wellness . They have now become our values and the way we go about our business .   They include honesty , integrity , passion and purpose. They are all designed for one reason , to better serve you and to help you on your journey to your best level of wellness .   They are all important on their own but together they are our foundation. We use these values to better ourselves every day .